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ask-isle-of-man asked:

She blinks "what, that makes no sense. good joke though" She grins

Samuel~ Ah, its an old vone. Used to hear it vhen I vas a kid, and zhat vas a vhile ago. Nevermind, look, ve’re here now.

*the tunnels open into a large carvern. Some large geodes and crystal looking formations form on the ceiling and off of older corroded pipes. Several pipes lead away into the walls and the middle of the cave floor is a miniature lake. There are several mini rock pools and ledges along the walls and floor and there are several scratch marks and bones about*

ask-isle-of-man asked:

She smiles " Did you hear about the red ship and the blue ship that collided? All the sailors were marooned. kind of a bad joke really, but its funny"

Samuel~ *snickers* Alright, let me zhink of vone. … Vhats big, green, has six legs, and vould kill you if it fell out of a tree on you?

ask-isle-of-man asked:

She shuffles to the front and grabs part of his arm "so your like a cat and a anglerfish, don't know why i picked that. i mostly cause you can kind of see in the dark, and your eyes glow, so that means anglerfish would not work. i have no idea what animals eye glow" (#sorrynotsorry, sorry for long post)

Samuel~ *chuckles* Vell I don’t know, maybe Damon vill. Somezhing to do vizh reflective lenses or somezhing.

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